Welcome to JTAX - Kit 1 Induction & Orientation

Welcome franchisees and general public to our induction and orientation forum. In this area you will find our initial kit plus we have listed a number of videos that all of our franchisees have watched and learned to enhance the JTAX customer experience.

R. Hopfner Director & Founder

Thank you for your interest in becoming a JTAX Team Member. We have received the following information:

  • Your contact details

  • JTAX confidentiality agreement

  • JTAX electronic consent form

Please find below the documents required for you to get started. 

CLICK HERE -  Information Statement Handout Appendix

CLICK HERE - Master Franchise Agreement

CLICK HERE - JTAX Disclosure documents

ANNEXURE A - Region History

ANNEXURE B - Franchise Agreement

ANNEXURE C - Franchising code of conduct

ANNEXURE D - Establishment and Ongoing costs

ANNEXURE F - Financial Records

ANNEXURE G - Prior Representation Deed

ANNEXURE H - Sub Franchise Statement

NEXT STEPS - Once you have reviewed the above documents and wish to continue your no obligation application for becoming a JTAX franchisee please fill out the confirmation to the right >

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Welcome to JTAX
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